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Coming This September - "Ride The Coast" Poker Run 2021

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

In 2019 we hosted the inaugural "Ride The Coast" Motorcycle Poker Run which took motorcyclists (of all types) from one end of the Sunshine Coast to the other, collecting cards, vying for the nicest bikes and enjoying some great comradery and fun. The bikers ended the run with a great BBQ meal, there were prizes and raffles and tons of excitement. CoVid prevented running it last year but guess what... we're doing it AGAIN!

Huge Success/Great Turnout

There was a great turnout with riders from all over the area and beyond. Many had the opportunity to see our beautiful coast line and communities from the seats of their motorcycles. Below are a few photos from that first run.

Photos From The 1st "Ride The Coast" Run

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