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How To Use SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro V1.3 INTERNAL To Create Amazing Vocal Effects EXCLUSIVE

SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL: a must-have tool for vocal production and sound design

Vocalizer Pro is a unique and innovative vocal processor that lets you transform any audio input into stunning vocal effects. Whether you want to create harmonies, vocoders, textures, or soundscapes, Vocalizer Pro has you covered.

How to use SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL to create amazing vocal effects


In this article, we will explore some of the features and improvements that make Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL the best version yet.

What is Vocalizer Pro?

Vocalizer Pro is a plugin that works with any DAW or standalone application. It uses a powerful synthesis engine that combines granular synthesis, spectral synthesis, and formant filtering to create rich and expressive vocal sounds.

Vocalizer Pro has two main components: the Input section and the Synth section. The Input section lets you choose the source of your vocal sound. You can use any audio input, such as a microphone, a guitar, or a drum loop. You can also use the built-in noise generator or load your own samples.

The Synth section lets you shape and modulate your vocal sound. You can choose from four different synthesis modes: Vocoder, Talkbox, Polyvox, and Growl. Each mode has its own parameters and effects that let you customize your sound. You can also use the four LFOs, four envelopes, and four macro controls to add movement and variation to your sound.

What's new in Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL?

Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL is the latest update that brings some significant improvements and enhancements to the plugin. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The plugin now supports 64-bit systems and VST3 format.

  • The plugin now has a resizable GUI that adapts to your screen size and resolution.

  • The plugin now has a preset browser that lets you easily access and organize your presets.

  • The plugin now has a MIDI learn function that lets you assign any parameter to any MIDI controller.

  • The plugin now has a drag and drop function that lets you load samples directly from your file explorer.

  • The plugin now has an undo/redo function that lets you revert or repeat any changes you make.

  • The plugin now has a bypass function that lets you compare your processed and unprocessed sound.

  • The plugin now has a randomize function that lets you generate new sounds with a single click.

Why should you get Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL?

Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL is a versatile and creative tool that can enhance any music production or sound design project. Whether you want to add some vocal flavor to your tracks, create realistic or futuristic vocal effects, or design ambient and atmospheric sounds, Vocalizer Pro can do it all.

Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL is also easy to use and fun to experiment with. You can quickly get started with the hundreds of presets included in the plugin, or create your own sounds from scratch. You can also tweak and modulate your sounds in real-time with the intuitive interface and MIDI controls.

Vocalizer Pro v1.3 INTERNAL is a must-have tool for vocal production and sound design. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X platforms, and it comes with a lifetime license and free updates. You can get it now for only $149 from SONiVOX's official website. 04f6b60f66


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