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911 Operator Free Download

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911 Operator is a fascinating and original simulator where the user has to perform the work of an emergency consultant. The success of the police, ambulance and firefighters depends on the operator. When a 911 call is received, the player must respond quickly and provide useful information to resolve the issue. But not every appeal is classified as an emergency. It happens that an angry citizen will simply try to express his dissatisfaction over the phone.

The player will have to solve various problems. From a poor cat stuck in a tree to a traffic offender being caught. It is very important to enable the appropriate service when an incident occurs. The crew will deal with the problem on their own. There are situations when more than one machine is needed. This could be the transportation of criminals or a major accident at the facility. You can download the game 911 Operator for Android using the active link below.

This game comes with a tutorial for the new players or if you are an expert then you can always skip the tutorial. Keep in mind who you are talking to as the person on the other end may be a father of a dying daughter that is an un predicted terrorist. If you are able to handle the people on other ends then you are good to go! Check out cities all around the country and take emergencies from everywhere. The game is free to download and lets you play the free mode where you can select your choice of addresses and streets as well as different cities where you may face earthquakes that you have to survive as well as some emergencies like terrorist attacks and more. Your responsibility is to receive reports regarding fires, crimes, accidents and more and you have to provide immediate help to the callers in any situation. By simply staying on alert till the medical team or the proper team has reached the said address and taken the emergency under control.

In the game, a more sensible approach is to place the vehicle close to the main traffic intersection near the city limits. In the game, in addition to solving the emergency on the map, the player is also responsible for answering the help-seeking call. Like the real operator, the situation you face is either overwhelmed or stunned - it could be that a panicked woman has been robbed or a collective fight has taken place in the street, or it can be horrifying Attack, or ... Pet cat stuck in the tree.

The 911 Operator offers two modes - Career mode and Free mode, both of which are also highlights and issues. In the former, you have to deal with an emergency in the city within a given number of days, which in turn increases your reputation, s the new map, and as the game progresses, players face more extreme conditions - such as earthquakes, At this point, the city will be almost filled with icons representing emergency situations. And in free mode, you can choose from more than 8,000 cities around the world - another highlight of the game. On the other hand, the judgments provided by the game are very rigid in these models: specifically, if you send assistance to a less urgent event, such as a car that requires parking, Will lower your prestige - which raises the question: If I have ample manpower, why not provide assistance to a citizen in need? This is logically hard to understand.

911 Operator has been developed by Jutsu Games and was published under the banner of PlayWay S.A. This game was released on 24th February, 2017. You can also download Football Club Simulator.

In 911 Operator you will be playing as an emergency dispat


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