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Muse - Supremacy

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Muse - Supremacy

'Supremacy' sees the band going to "absurd levels," according to Matt. Spiralling swamp blues of the track builds to a climax of orchestral hysteria as Matt orates a terrifying scene of mankind losing its supremacy over the Earth as "the seas have risen up" and energy shortages cause global desperation.[1]

European Union (EU) law or European Community (EC) law is unique international legal order. Its uniqueness depends on the effective or authoritative enforcement mechanisms of the EU law. These authoritative enforcement mechanisms are absent under ordinary public international law or international law. The effective enforcement mechanisms under European legal order have gained the efficacy due to the fact that the hierarchical supremacy that it enjoys over the national laws of the Member States. This leverage allows the EU to become not only international organization but also supranational organization at European level.European Citizens can invoke EU law in national court proceedings. National courts are expected to apply EU law while solving a dispute that arises at national level by their own initiation. Moreover, EU law has the overriding effect (supremacy) over the national laws of the Member States when the conflict occurs between the two or when the national laws of the Member States are inconsistent with the EU one. Furthermore, it has also indirect effect- that the national laws of the Member States are expected to be interpreted in the manners that confirm the purpose and text of the EU laws.

Today, the North Dakota AFL-CIO posted a statement on its website pledging that the federation "will always stand against such racist, hateful and vile beliefs. Nazism, fascism and white supremacy are abhorrent to everything labor stands for and they always have been." 59ce067264


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