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Rome 2 4 Turns Per Year !FREE!

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Rome 2 4 Turns Per Year !FREE!

This mod has a 4 Turns Per Year campaign script feature built in. Each year on the campaign map now lasts 4 turns instead of 2. Each year has three summers and one winter to represent the four seasons.

Some factions have special reform requirements that do not rely on imperium level or turn number like the normal system. When these conditions have been met, the player will receive a message that the reform is happening and a countdown (usually 10 to 20 turns).

Technology may advance, but human needs stay the same. Walking around the Chateau de Versailles is a spectacular experience, a beautiful and somewhat mystical royal castle. It turns out, even for its time, it was hugely impractical (and expensive to build and maintain). Long hallways, gold and shiny everywhere, I mean, wtf was Louis the thinking while his people were starving Then I saw a rolltop desk, Bureau du Roi. The one Louis XV himself used to write stuff. A rolltop desk is essentially a fancy desk with a cover over its surface that you can lock up with a single key. This is very much the equivalent of passwords today on computers and smartphones, and even modern day encryption messaging apps use today. The need to keep one's information secure always existed. Needs and desires change very little, but how they are addressed changes with advancement of technology. Technology is improving and changing our lives, but our core needs and desires stay the same. Understanding this idea is the source of innovation and new product development. The idea that humans have changed very little is consistent and should shape how we create success in the future.

Provide a great service and expect nothing in return. Atlasssian, Aussie software company managed to go from 0-100 million in sales by word-of-mouth without having to hire sales professionals. People seek advice from people they know. Checking reviews is secondary. Reviews have caused me more confusion in the past, which only resulted in reading more reviews. An elegant solution on motivating its users to write reviews is inside Airbnb's app. I try and review Airbnb places after each stay and the reason I like to do it is simply because I know it will help others. But many people go through motions (dull, generic reviews), because Airbnb has a clever trick that plays to our deepest, selfish desires: review the host so you can see what they wrote about you. It is a great feature from a product standpoint, but how helpful are those reviews We stayed at a place in Madrid that had great photos and reviews, but the host let the place degrade over many Airbnb months/years, and it was very worn-out-looking when we got to it.

Quality matters, a personal touch matters. Word of mouth can be the most important way of acquiring customers for companies that offer real value. This didn't change in hundreds of years and I predict it will remain like this for years to come. Focus on quality and making your product good. Don't expect anything in return, like the guy who was giving away wine tasting in Tuscany for free. Of course, he hoped for us to buy some wine in the end, but underneath it all, it was wrong of us to think it was just that. He showed insane and genuine passion about wine and loved sharing it with us (and I finally learned how to properly taste wine and what to look for). If you work hard and focus on delivering quality, it will come back. I am sure he will have much more success in the future, his wine business is growing like crazy and he only started it few years ago.

The involvement of PPC in egocentric spatial processing has also been observed in humans as they navigated to goal destinations in the virtual simulation of London 23 . Analysis of the fMRI data revealed that the activity in bilateral PPC was significantly correlated with the egocentric direction to the goal. Additional evidence in support of a role of PPC in egocentric based spatial navigation comes from patients w


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