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CBT Strategies For Anxious And Depressed Childr...


A psychologist might be able to help if your child is very anxious. Psychologists have specialised training in mental health conditions, and can work directly with your child and family to develop strategies for reducing anxiety.

One important CBT strategy in overcoming social anxiety is learning to figure out what to do in the event our fears come true. Sometimes that involves asserting yourself with a critical person in a calm and confident tone. We practice such assertions in session, using role plays and imagery, and we also practice it in various ways as homework. Other times we use problem-solving strategies to develop good ways of coping with a situation turning out badly, which we also practice in session and in homework. The more confident we feel about being able to cope with a fear coming true with our heads held high, the less socially anxious we feel about the situation.

Using a technique called cognitive restructuring can help you modify problematic thoughts, which in turn can help you change your behavior. The next time you notice yourself feeling anxious or depressed, ask yourself: What am I thinking about or what emotions am I struggling with that might be causing me to feel this way? Notice if any particular thoughts or memories give rise to distressing physical symptoms; you can even make a list. Doing this will help you begin to understand how your emotions and thoughts are connected and what triggers you. 781b155fdc


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