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Vero Visi V20: A Powerful CAD CAM Solution for Mold and Die Industries

Vero Visi V20: A Powerful CAD CAM Solution for Mold and Die Industries

Vero Visi V20 is a software that combines solid and surface modeling, 2D, 3D and 5 axis machining, plastic injection tool design, material flow analysis, progressive die design and more. It is designed for the mold and die industries, where accuracy, efficiency and reliability are essential.

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Vero Visi V20 is based on the Parasolid kernel, which is the industry standard for geometric modeling. It also integrates with other Vero products, such as WorkXplore, a high-speed CAD file viewer and analyzer, VISI Blank, a tool for developing 2D blank shapes from complex 3D models, and VISI PEPS-Wire, a tool for wire EDM programming.

Vero Visi V20 offers a range of features and benefits for different applications:

  • VISI Modelling: a robust and powerful modeling system that allows users to create and edit complex shapes with ease.

  • VISI Analysis: a suite of tools for validating and preparing model geometry, finding problems at an early stage and optimizing the design.

  • VISI Mould: a complete mold tool design solution that guides users through the mold development process, from concept to manufacturing.

  • VISI Flow: a unique prediction tool that simulates the injection molding process and analyzes the material flow, temperature, pressure and warpage of plastic components.

  • VISI Electrode: an automated tool for creating and managing electrodes, which are used to manufacture hard-to-machine features on mold and press tools.

  • VISI Progress: an intuitive tool for designing progressive dies and press tools, with step-by-step unfolding and strip layout capabilities.

  • VISI Machining: a practical and simple application for CNC programming, with dedicated strategies for 2D, 3D and 5 axis machining, as well as high-speed routines.

Vero Visi V20 is a full version software that can be downloaded from the official website or from various torrent sites. However, downloading from torrent sites may pose risks such as viruses, malware or legal issues. Therefore, it is recommended to download from the official website or from trusted sources.

Vero Visi V20 is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 (x64). It requires a multi-core processor, 4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more recommended), 8 GB of free hard disk space (16 GB or more recommended) and a graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher.

Vero Visi V20 is a software that can help users achieve their design and manufacturing goals in the mold and die industries. It is a comprehensive and integrated solution that covers all aspects of the CAD CAM process. It is also a user-friendly and flexible software that can adapt to different needs and preferences.

Vero Visi V20 is not only a powerful software for design and manufacturing, but also a reliable software for quality and performance. It has received positive reviews from many users and experts, who have praised its features, functionality and ease of use.

Some of the highlights of the reviews are:

  • Vero VISI Series 21 - DEVELOP3D: "Vero has been through some exciting times, the most recent being its acquisition by Hexagon Metrology. ... Al Dean looks at VISI 21 and finds a release that centres on combining existing tools with the best practices in the product portfolio."

  • Vero Software Release VISI 20 - "Version 20 is a substantial release introducing many new features in all areas of the product with continued emphasis on solutions for mould, tool and die makers. Major graphic enhancements include improved rendering, a programmable dynamic command widget and the ability to fast-view a file before opening to include pan and zoom functionality."

  • ebolefeysot / Romcenter / issues / #525 - Vero Visi V20.0 15 - Bitbucket: "However, we think the main headline story is in the improved surface quality for the brand new VISI v20.0 modeling tools. The successful advancement of the new tools has been largely because VISI PEPS-Wire has evolved in many ways, with new features like rubber and resin, and it is now able to support complex surface geometries more naturally."

These reviews show that Vero Visi V20 is a software that meets the expectations and needs of the mold and die industries, as well as other related sectors. It is a software that delivers high-quality results, enhances productivity and efficiency, and simplifies the workflow. 0efd9a6b88


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